Topic: Practical interventions to improve the candidate experience

Speaker: Henneri Crous– Head of Sales at Simplify & Careers24

The importance of the candidate experience:

●      Gives a candidate a view or image of your organisation’s brand and influence.

●      Opportunity to increase your organisation’s fan or customer base.

●      The greater the candidate experience, the more loyalty and respect you’ll have.

●      It is a great way to increase your talent pool, especially in pipelining unsuccessful candidates with potential.

Process: Here the focus is on making sure that the application and selection process is as efficient as possible.

●      How long is the selection process?

●      How do you want to do your interviews?


•                Organisations must create a culture that drives engagement and must promote putting employees first.

•                Organisational culture is seen as the practical observable experience of what it is like to work there.

•                The rule is that candidates seek an organisation that fits in with their personal values and culture.

•                Millennials and Generation Z candidates highly value understanding organisation culture and contributing to the organisation and general society. Therefore it is imperative that you know your organisation’s culture and make it visible.

Current trends show that millennials job searching is booming on job boards (69.61%), job search engines (37.99%). Gen Z commonly use search engines (67%). It was seen that social media is the least favorit