Reporting and subsequent compliance reporting causes havoc in HR Departments. Information is often stored in different platforms, applications and even drawers and files!

Creating a single platform from where information can be accessed, stored and altered, remains a challenge which often leads to an inability to present an exact and true reflection of Human Resource Departments’ actual objectives and achievements of such.

This has an even bigger cascading effect on the organisation, as it will be impossible to directly link each employee’s impact on the organisation’s bottom line. Important information could include (amongst others):

  • employee personal profiles;
  • job profiles;
  • competencies and competency dictionaries;
  • skills needs and skills gaps;
  • learning needs;
  • training & development plans;
  • employee performance records;
  • information tracking formal and informal learning; and
  • employees’ direct contribution to organisational objectives (similar to a balanced scorecard).

In order to obtain a Business Intelligence Dashboard with a click of a button, data which is stored at a central place, can be accessed at any given time (as per HR protocol). Reporting should then happen automatically and accurately. Reporting could vary from legal compliance to internal reports for executive management purposes, and could include

  • Learnership Agreements;
  • B-BBEE-Reports;
  • Safety & Compliance;
  • Professional Registrations;
  • Performance Management Reports; and
  • Competency Frameworks.

It is not the generating of reports that causes nightmares in HR Departments, it is in fact, the lack of planning and implementation of a logical solution to convert information into relevant data. Once thorough planning has taken place to centralise all HR data, in all its different forms such as Excel; .PDF’s; Word docs; and loose pieces of information in a file somewhere, HR should be empowered to produce relevant reports at any given time.

HR metrics that are accurate and reliable in any organisation is crucial, not only for reporting purposes, but to ensure development of all people on all levels in the organisation and to ensure that organisations and employees alike remain transparent, accountable and ethical at all times.

HR data well managed, makes reporting a total breeze!

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