Hopin FAQ

What are the technical requirements to attend?

1. Please connect to the Event via a Computer or Laptop with a webcam and microphone.

2. In order to participate, you will need to give access to the Mic and Camera of your computer.

3. DO NOT use mobile to access the Event.

4. Chrome is the recommended browser.  

5. DO use headphones if possible.

6. DO close other tabs on your browser so as not to compete with the platform this will give you the best performance.

How do I participate in Topco’s Virtual events?

1. Ensure that you have added a profile picture so that people can see who you are.

2. Introduce yourself when you arrive in the chat.

3. Join the Stage for the main sessions and send questions in the chat.

4. Ask questions in the sessions with Speakers through the session chat!

5. Meet and video chat with other attendees in Networking (You can even share contact details)

6. Check out the Expo! Note, please check back into different booths throughout the conference as content will be updated.

7. Search for attendees and send private chat messages to them.

Where do I find your events?

1. Find our events through our Webpages:

    a. Standard Bank Top Women – Link:


    b. Top Empowerment – Link:


    c. Future of HR – Link:


    d. Africa Tech Week – Link:


2. You will be asked to register before entering the Event. Please take a moment to upload a photo of yourself as this will make the experience more personal.

Find your way around the event

1-0n-1 Networking

Update Your Profile


Expo Booth

Picking Up Your Ticket

Reasons to become a sponsor? 

  • Hyperlinked sponsor logo displayed prominently on Registration page (outside event)
  • Hyperlinked sponsor logo displayed prominently on Reception page (inside event)
  • Sponsors are given an expo vendor booth to showcase their products and services, with either pre-recorded videos (e.g YouTube Video) or a live videostream session (e.g Delegate “manning” the booth) in the expo booth. Booths have a customizable lead generation feature built-in for capturing attendee interest.
  • Sponsor booths can be made different sizes: small, medium, and large, in the Expo area, similar to floor space at a trade show.
  • Sponsors can be given a speaking segment on the main stage. With RTMP streaming, commercials and messages can be displayed in between Stage presentations.
  • Sponsors can sponsor breakout sessions in the Sessions area. The sponsor’s branding can appear on the images of each session.
  • Sponsors branding can be featured in the main event hero image on the Registration page and inside the event on the Reception page.
  • Sponsors can receive the full list of attendees.
  • Sponsors can receive event analytics reports.
  • Sponsors can receive recordings, chat transcripts for both the event chat and sessions chat, and poll data from the event once finished.



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