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TIME TO TAKE THE AGILE JOURNEY? Agility is a term you’ll hear in the boardrooms and corridors of just about any progressive organisation these days. Originally it meant the ability to change one’s body position efficiently using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance. Amplify that to the organisational context and it refers to the ability of an organisation to adapt quickly and effectively to challenges in today’s era of disruption. In a recent survey, two-thirds of companies described themselves as either ‘truly agile’ or busy pursuing the adoption of agility. In her Agile video series, Topco Training Partner Belinda Doveston unpacks the power of agility for strategy and leadership. Watch the first video here – and see below for details on how Belinda can help you activate your organisation’s agile journey.    Belinda is an educator, business architect and writer – and founder of Apian Learning, an online learning platform for fun, meaningful and high-growth e-learning experiences. She is also the host of a podcast called Show Me the Honey, which focuses on people, teams and organisations. Her consultancy, Building Teams, uses Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) and other facilitation methodologies to build teams and unlock the capacity to achieve meaningful purpose. Through her interactive and practical two-day Agile training course, Belinda helps organisations to build an agile strategy and ensure their leadership team is equipped for...

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CULTURE: THE POWER TO REPAIR At our 2018 HR Awards on 19 July, Greg Solomon – CEO of McDonald’s SA – gave a frank and heartfelt Keynote Speech that resonated with all present long after the night, as it articulated the power of culture to build unity in both business and our society. Greg’s speech in full: “So let’s start off with the world we currently live in. As we face economic and social difficulties, as we confront the harsh realities of change and as we grapple to balance competing needs, our national unity is starting to fracture, our identity is starting to fade and our society is starting to polarise. These fractures manifest themselves in different ways; sometimes race and religion, sometimes it’s rich versus poor; sometimes it’s the ruler and the people and sometimes it’s the students and teachers. As we shout at one another, as we hurl insults, humiliate each other and inflict pain the cracks grow wider, the differences become more glaring and the bonds that have held us together weaken. It often not one thing, it’s the thousand little things that don’t get our attention. The point of leading is not to cross the finish line first. It’s to take people across the finish line with you. And as employers and organisations we are no different – except that we are a smaller ecosystem of a...

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CAN AUTOMATION MAKE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT MORE HUMAN? Aspiration Software thinks so – because it makes companies’ HR component much more responsive and in tune with employees’ needs on a daily basis. Aspiration specialises in Talent Management solutions for Agile Performance Management, Capability Development, Succession Planning, 360 Review and Training Management. Growing since 1999, Aspiration is now used in 11 African countries by clients including Distell, Engen, DRD Gold, AB InBev and Growthpoint Properties, whose Head of Human Resources, Olive Chauke, gave this feedback: “The Aspiration system has provided us an excellent platform for us to build an effective performance...

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Onboarding During Yes to Desk: Proactive Transitioning From Behind Enemy Lines

We are in the 4th industrial revolution they say with bots and apps taking a centre stage narrative nowadays, but the war for human talent is still highly active, and it’s brutal. Organisations are lobbying for the cream of the talent crop with innovative employer branding strategies and value propositions aiming to secure the best of human assets available.

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ICHAF: the kind of vision Africa needs

ICHAF: the kind of vision Africa needs Have you heard about the ICHAF Training Institute, a South African ‘TVET College’ doing great things? If not, check out this short video featuring Founder & Director Devan Moonsamy. In the last decade, Devan and his team have developed hundreds of of training programmes and upskilled thousands of learners nationally within both the corporate and government sectors. ICHAF (an acronym for the ‘I Can Help Africa Foundation’) has a firm belief that quality education & skills development initiatives are the cornerstone of a successful organisation, economy and country. Good luck to Devan, in the running for our coveted CEO OF THE YEAR award this year. Good luck, too, to everyone at ICHAF; itself a finalist for EMPLOYER OF CHOICE...

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