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Gary Willmott, CEO of WWW.GET5.IO Harry works on a PC at a wooden desk in a cubicle (cubicle 309 of 500 on the 4th floor). He clocks in every morning morning and out at 5.01pm. His filofax is full of meeting requests and his Blackberry is full of unanswered e-mails. His favourite shows on the TV are MacGyver and Loving. Janine works wherever she wants on a tablet, spends a few flexible hours at the office during the week and checks in with her team regularly through her chat app. Other than that, her OnePlus 5T is mainly used for Instagram,...

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“Hello, South Africa”

Scroll down for a short video introduction from California’s Max Armbruster, CEO of Talkpush and Keynote Speaker at our Summit in July.  Max will be addressing the machine learning & artificial intelligence revolution in recruitment; a revolution of which he is at the forefront. Some context from Max: “A decade ago, I used to interview hundreds of candidates over the phone every year. It was gruesome, unproductive, soul-drenching work but I could not find a technology that did not create an additional barrier between me and the candidates. So I just kept on calling. In 2014, I partnered with experts in web and voice technology and we released the first Talkpush prototype. I founded the company and we signed our first client, a small call center. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, our software interviews more candidates than any chatbot in the world, and helps thousands of job seekers find work every year. The messaging revolution, allowing for asynchronous conversations to happen on Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp and other chat platforms is fuelling new wave of productivity.” Got a question for Max? E-mail him on Book Summit tickets for 18-19 July, while you can: Take me back to the Future * * Remember, book for 5 people & bring a 6th free!...

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In just four years, the Future of HR Summit & Awards has outgrown SA’s borders. Not only are international speakers joining our Summit roster this year (USA/OZ), but solid endorsement has come out of several world centres of HR/tech – the latest being Amsterdam. DigitalHR is a respected Amsterdam-based online forum for the latest developments around the future of work. It focuses on everything from A.I. and the Connected Workforce to Digital HR & Recruitment, the Employee Experience and HR analytics – everything we bring to the stage. That’s why we’re proud to be announced as one of the...

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Now hiring for the workplace of tomorrow: 2017’s Future of HR Awards Winners

Following the well-attended two-day Future of HR Summit – which zeroed in on current challenges and opportunities in this fast-changing industry – celebrations ensued at Boksburg’s Birchwood Hotel last night, with the third annual Future of HR Awards.  The summit and awards were both hosted in association with Careers24. The lively awards ceremony, MC’d by media personality “TK” (Tarryn Kay Trussel), directed a spotlight on South Africa’s most committed, effective and inspiring leaders in human capital management, with diverse awards categories honouring HR teams, rising stars, industry legends and charismatic CEOs. This year, the “innovation” aspect of nominees’ entries...

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