4 Day Week South Africa (4 Day Week SA) is proud to announce that it has been operating in South Africa for a full year, marking a significant milestone in the quest for innovative work arrangements. In this time, Pilot 1 has successfully completed its 6-month trial period and study, while Boston College and Stellenbosch Business School are diligently wrapping up the associated surveys. The anticipated data from the first South African trial is scheduled to be published at the end of November 2023.

Globally, 90% of companies that participated in the 4 Day Week pilot programme have chosen to extend their trials, with some even making it a standard practice within their organisations. The undeniable benefits that have emerged from these trials have made the decision to adopt the 4 Day Week format an increasingly easy one for businesses worldwide.

Dr Mark Smith, Director of Stellenbosch Business School, had this to say recently in Business Day: “Researchers have observed increased wellbeing, improved organisational atmosphere, decreased absenteeism and enhanced team cohesion, all while maintaining the same productivity as standard working hours.”

Team members who have been part of the pilot programme have experienced a significant improvement in their quality of life. One notable achievement is the reduction in sick days, resulting in decreased absenteeism across participating workplaces. This suggests an enhancement in employee wellness, coupled with reduced abuse of sick leave, ultimately benefiting both businesses and their employees.

Another remarkable phenomenon observed is a decrease in requested leave days. Team members report having more time to manage their personal affairs, engage in physical activities, and spend quality moments with their loved ones. This newfound work-life balance is contributing to greater satisfaction among team members.

Companies offering a 4 Day Week Trial have also witnessed an increase in staff retention rates. Employees appreciate working in an environment that affords them more personal time, fostering a stronger connection to their workplace.

Businesses themselves are reporting numerous positive outcomes as well. Team members are actively invested in ensuring the success of the 4 Day Week model. This voluntary approach encourages team members to collaborate and support one another in taking their time off, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of a 20% reduction in work hours.

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As part of the onboarding process with 4 Day Week SA, businesses identify key metrics to track productivity, enabling them to measure the success of the trial. Increased teamwork has led to enhanced productivity, which businesses are now able to quantify thanks to these metrics.

Perhaps most impressively, the profitability of businesses involved in the 4 Day Week has either remained stable or increased compared to the same period in the previous year. The 4 Day Week pilot has had no reported negative effects on a business’s bottom line.

One exemplary case study is Atom Bank, which experienced a significant rise in its attractiveness to new talent. Prior to implementing the 4 Day Week trial, Atom Bank was ranked as the 17th most desirable bank to work for in the UK. Now, it proudly holds the position of the 3rd most sought-after bank for employment.

4 Day Week SA is thrilled to introduce new options for businesses interested in piloting their own 4 Day Week programme and reaping its benefits. Addressing a gap in the market, the organisation has also launched a Foundation Course in collaboration with 4 Day Week Global, catering to solopreneurs and startups. This course offers a flexible self-paced learning experience on how to implement a 4 Day Week schedule.

Furthermore, the second South African pilot is currently in the recruitment phase, with applications closing on October 31, 2023. Over 11 businesses have already enrolled, with more than 500 employees participating in the upcoming trial.

Recognising the growing interest from corporates, 4 Day Week SA has partnered with Human Energy, the first official accredited 4 Day Week consulting partner. This strategic collaboration aims to provide guidance and support to corporates in designing 4 Day Week trials tailored to their unique needs and team dynamics.

4 Day Week SA is dedicated to revolutionising work practices, improving the quality of life for employees, and enhancing the performance of businesses across South Africa. With successful trials and positive outcomes, the 4 Day Week is proving to be a transformative solution for companies and their teams.

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About 4 Day Week South Africa

4 Day Week South Africa is at the forefront of the global movement advocating for a shorter workweek. With the mission to improve the lives of both employees and businesses, 4 Day Week SA offers consulting, resources, and support to organisations seeking to implement the 4 Day Week model. The organisation is committed to promoting work-life balance, increased productivity, and enhanced employee well-being. To learn more, visit www.4dayweek.co.za.