More and more, big organisations are realising the value of the one thing that can bond their thousands of employees to each other and to the organisation – culture. A meaningful culture that employees genuinely buy into, live and promote is more than a nice to have; it is fundamental – and can be clearly linked to organisational performance statistics, recruitment and retention success and consistently positive public brand image.

When McDonald’s launched its Culture Evolution globally, McDonald’s South Africa decided to apply it with a relevant and inspiring local spin. So was born KULCHA CLUB, which incorporated a national roadshow and tech integration (including a warmly received app) to great results. For its efforts, McDonald’s South Africa was awarded a 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award by McDonald’s Middle East Development Company.

At 2018’s Future of HR Summit in South Africa in July, Chief People Officer for McDonald’s SA, Brigitte Da Gama, walked delegates through the KULCHA CLUB journey, in a presentation that generated buzz, intrigue and discussion – and gave delegates a blueprint for driving a thriving culture in their own companies.

Brigitte generously stayed on after the summit to answer some questions on the summit and the future as she saw it. Watch the interview below then click here to run through her Summit presentation.