Gary Willmott, CEO of WWW.GET5.IO

Harry works on a PC at a wooden desk in a cubicle (cubicle 309 of 500 on the 4th floor). He clocks in every morning morning and out at 5.01pm. His filofax is full of meeting requests and his Blackberry is full of unanswered e-mails. His favourite shows on the TV are MacGyver and Loving.

Janine works wherever she wants on a tablet, spends a few flexible hours at the office during the week and checks in with her team regularly through her chat app. Other than that, her OnePlus 5T is mainly used for Instagram, Business Insider and watching Glow and Bloodline on Netflix.


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Then have a think about the company you work for – or own – and ask yourself, is this the workplace of the future? Am I future-fit?

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