“Hello, South Africa”

Scroll down for a short video introduction from California’s Max Armbruster, CEO of Talkpush and Keynote Speaker at our Summit in July. 

Max will be addressing the machine learning & artificial intelligence revolution in recruitment; a revolution of which he is at the forefront. Some context from Max:

“A decade ago, I used to interview hundreds of candidates over the phone every year. It was gruesome, unproductive, soul-drenching work but I could not find a technology that did not create an additional barrier between me and the candidates. So I just kept on calling.

In 2014, I partnered with experts in web and voice technology and we released the first Talkpush prototype. I founded the company and we signed our first client, a small call center. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, our software interviews more candidates than any chatbot in the world, and helps thousands of job seekers find work every year. The messaging revolution, allowing for asynchronous conversations to happen on Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp and other chat platforms is fuelling new wave of productivity.”

Got a question for Max? E-mail him on Hello@Talkpush.com

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