What do you look for in a business leader … and how will you know it when you see it?

It’s a challenge many recruiters and HR specialists have been battling with since the dawn of the HR profession – because nurturing organisational leadership is integral to any business’s future success.

In response to the challenge, Ian MacRae and Adrian Furnham, of University College London (UCL) and High Potential Psychology Ltd respectively, collaborated to produce the groundbreaking High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI). The HPTI measures six personality traits to assess and define any individual’s capacity to lead from the front: Conscientiousness, Adjustment, Curiosity, Risk Approach, Ambiguity Acceptance and Competitiveness.

Their hypothesis was simple: identifying a person’s potential leads to them being effectively placed within the company. With this in mind, the HPTI not only recognises potential leaders within a company, but from the moment they first walk through the doors for a job interview. The great management consultant and author Peter Drucker once said, “management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”. How important is it to your company to identify directorship quality – leadership potential –  early on in the recruitment process?

Seeing the immense value residing in HPTI, Thomas International now incorporates it into their suite of offerings.
Being firm believers in the power of effective Directors to create a culture of success, the firm has also partnered up with the Future of HR to celebrate South African corporate Directors by sponsoring the prestigious Director of the Year Award Category… Are you a Director doing exceptional things or would you like to nominate someone who has?

– Entries are still open. Go to futureofhr.co.za to submit your entry.