Future of HR award winner Dirusha Ganapathy Juta
HR Leader of the Year

Being awarded 2017 “HR Leader of the Year” by Future of HR and Topco Media reminded me of my journey to get to this point. It was another validation for me that strength, determination, perseverance and confidence is that much greater in the face of adversity and a “tough” life can, in fact be a blessing in disguise – our choices, attitude, level of resilience and perceptions all have a role to play in how the story eventually ends; not just as HR professionals, but as employees, leaders and as South Africans too.

This award helped me realise how far I had come in overcoming my professional struggles, fears and challenges but also in my ability to embrace change, capitalise on opportunities and continue to persevere and never give up – especially during difficult times!

Being awarded among the “100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals” by the World HRD Congress earlier this year placed me on a global platform but “HR Leader of the Year” places me on a South African platform, to contribute in positive ways to the development of our country as an HR professional! I am both privileged and humbled by all that stands before me and I am filled with more compassion, commitment and enthusiasm around the opportunities that lie ahead.

I embrace this award with both hands, with all of me, with all that I believe in and all that I want to achieve, in my endeavours towards supporting socio-economic development in SA, by creating empowering shifts in the thinking of our youth, women and HR organisations  – this is my vision and this prestigious award paves the way in realising my dreams for SA.

My heartfelt and deepest thanks to Topco Media,  Future of HR, the quality panel of Judges, Careers 24 and to the sponsor of this award, Thomas International – this accolade means everything to me and represents gratitude for my past experiences and challenges, the commitment to make a difference right now and hope for tomorrow, for our country and for its people. As HR professionals, we are best placed to serve others and to contribute in ways that are impactful – “HR Leader of the Year” signifies just that and more.

Sincerest appreciation to your entire team for their professionalism, friendliness and passion! Their warmth for others shines through so easily. Keep up the amazing work you do in uplifting spirits and celebrating success – it is inspiring to recipients of these awards but also to the many lives they will begin to touch and inspire through their achievements.