SABI (South African Business Integrator) Magazine’s main focus is to synchronize business information, business cultures and align strategies and business goals between the public and private sector nationally. The publication’s objective is to inform, advise and educate key industry leaders on business objectives, internal strategic decisions, current affairs, business to business significant information, good management practices & governance, sound financial management practices and ultimately bridging the gap of transformation and transparency between the public and private sector.





InAfrica24  is a unique business website and an online Business Events Directory focused on Africa. Since 2013 we have been actively promoting important conferences, exhibitions and B2B meetings worldwide, with focus on  investing in Africa. We are always on top of high-impact trends in  business offering opportunities to our users to expand their businesses.



HR Pulse


HR Pulse is an online portal dedicated to ensuring the human resource sector has a knowledge base to turn to for all their HR requirements. Filled with essential information about how to manage your employee-related questions and issues the site is essential reading for anyone who manages employees or owns their own business.